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The idea behind the development of Game Store Pakistan was never about creating a retailer with good prices; but to give birth to a place where people could be served as a part of the family. Where they could actually feel the touch of Information Technology’s application in the way they are dealt with. The world has moved to the next generation of business relationships; and we are proud to be the first in Pakistan’s Information Technology market to accept that “Yes, YOU are important!” With around 1,000% growth rate, we are proud and extremely happy to quote that Game Store Pakistan has a family of more then a million online family members and more than 200,000 (and growing) customer’s offline; The world is changing and Game Store Pakistan happily accepts that the customers of today are more tech savvy and demand value for their money. We believe that change is the only thing constant and in order to deliver to you the value you deserve, we are always in the process of evolving to the next best level.

There might still be a lot of things that you could want to know about Game Store Pakistan. Simply Sign up, feel free, and don’t be shy. We never tell our customers to hush away because there are others to deal with or we already met our daily sales quota. So, welcome to Game Store Pakistan; and don’t you worry because whether you are a corporate client or an individual customer; we are family now. Welcome to the Information Technology’s Revolution in Pakistan!


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